Frequently Asked Questions

What are your working hours?
Our working hours are Monday to Friday - 9.00am to 5.00pm


Can I have your contact numbers?
You can contact us via 0771088658


Can I come to your office to do the purchase?
​You are always welcome to our office. You can place your orders and do payments. We will ship the item to your address or you can collect it once we confirm that it is ready to pickup.


I want to buy and collect the item immediately. Is that possible?
Unfortunately not. We process our orders based on first come - first serve basis and every order must be paid before we arrange the products to be shipped or collected. The only exception here is for Cash On Delivery.


What is your limit for Cash on Delivery?
Rs. 30,000


Which orders are eligible for free shipping?
Orders which are above Rs. 2,000 (Colombo 1 to 15)


Do you ship high value orders like large screen TVs, DSLR Cameras, Bicycle etc?
We do. But we highly recommend that collecting those items yourself.


How long will it take to process the orders?
It depends on each item. Please check the product page to find out the processing time. Most products ship within 2 working days.


How do I pay by installments?
You must have a credit card to go for installments. You can now do the purchase online and call the bank’s card center to convert the payment to installments. The following banks are confirmed that they have the facility.
- Nations Trust Bank
- Hatton National Bank

Note: Just to be on safer side, please call your bank and confirm that you have this facility before doing the payment to us.